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by mjpichette

The golden hour, a sunset, and a boat ride.

More from Vevey and Montreux

by mjpichette

Life on the edge…

More views of the lake… It was a bit sunnier today.

A different landscape…

by mjpichette

We’re in Switzerland this week. Back in the old neighbourhood (Vevey / Montreux) for work and to visit friends. When we lived here we never tired of the views. The Swiss Riviera is just stunning! This week I’ll be posting photos of a different landscape, and hopefully some street scenes. It has been overcast since we arrived, but warmer than Brighton. The colours on offer are shades of blue and grey… hopefully we’ll get some sun later this week. Until then, I hope you enjoy the view.

Here are a few shots I took while walking from Clarens to Montreux. We boarded the General Guisan at the Port of Montreux and cruised around the lake for a couple of hours. One of our favourite things to do!

While strolling along the lake in Vevey today…

Back soon with more flowers and some street scenes…

An unconventional stroll by the sea…

by mjpichette

This shot was a gift. As we walked out of the house yesterday, I saw this young gentleman practicing his parkour skills on the rail. Luckily, I had my camera with me. There is a double triumph here. He is able to stroll along the rail with ease… I was able to get my camera out fast enough to document it! I didn’t actually change the contrast here. The sun had already taken care of that for me.

A young man walking along a rail at the seaside

Parkour Triumph!

Here are some more photos of his practice.

It is amazing what we can see just outside our door!

Two lonely feathers among the stones…

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On the Edge

by mjpichette

For these shots, I tried to line up several visual lines against an edge. It wasn’t always easy to choose which edge to focus on…


Edge of the Promenade, Edge of the World


Edge of the Sea


Between the Huts

We were in London this past weekend and were able to avoid Storm Katie… This bench was not so lucky!

Three views of the West Pier from under an old beach shelter

I just love the texture created by peeling paint…

Another shot of my favourite building…


Courtenay Terrace


by mjpichette

I started collecting handmade glass when I lived in Japan, and most of what I have is from that time. The glass candle holder is from Iceland. I love the way the glass plays with the light.

We live right on the seafront, which is mostly good, but also especially windy and cold in winter. Also, the windows are constantly covered with sea spray. Here are some pictures of the Brighton Pier at night through a very dirty window. You can see the reflection of things  on the wall in our living room.


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