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Λαϊκή … Laiki

by mjpichette

We are now lucky enough to be around the corner from the weekly laiki (farmer’s market) that comes to our neighbourhood every Wednesday. The farmers, butchers, bakers, and fishmongers are there at the crack of dawn, but we try to make it over sometime before work begins… around 8:30 or so. The street is already bustling by then, full of elderly ladies wielding shopping carts for whom the gossip and chatter is as valuable as the produce.

Fresh from the laiki

Fresh fruit and vegetables from our neighbourhood farmer’s market

A taste of springtime in Chania

by mjpichette

After an unusually cold couple of months here on Crete, this weekend it feels like spring is in the air. It is carnival season and we found several groups in costume singing and dancing. Click on the player to hear a binaural field recording of one of the carnivals. Listen with headphones for a 3D experience.


Revellers dancing in front of Chania Market square


Dancing in front of Chania Cathedral


Weekend Wanderings

by mjpichette

We spent the weekend exploring the Chania old town and the harbour area. We were here two years ago, so some of the places were familiar, but lots of new things to discover, too.


The perfect place for a meal after a walk through the old town.

This was my second visit to The Well of the Turk. We arrived early Friday night, hence the empty tables… This restaurant has lovely Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food. There is a tapas plate with houmous, tzatziki, baba ganoush, and other lovely things that is just perfect with a glass of white wine.

The old mosque at the edge of the harbour functioned as a place of worship until 1923, but is now used for art exhibitions.


Here are some more shots from around town.

And some from the Old Harbour area…

And the sea… I just love the colours of blue and green you see here.


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