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A Good Book and a Glass of Wine

by mjpichette

Small angel figure on windowsill with view of sea

Angel by the seaside

I wanted to take this little angel outside for her photoshoot, but it started to rain. So here she is sitting on the windowsill. After that she came in for a glass of wine.

Big Books

Tiny Angel

Medium Books

Medium Sized Angel

Small Books

Big Angel

And here are the stars of the show… Books and wine glasses of various sizes!

Angel with a variety of wine glasses and books

I paired the angel with different sizes of books and wine glasses to make her appear smaller or larger.

Moment & Motion

by mjpichette


Getting an interesting shot of a subject in motion was really challenging! I tried panning my camera across the scene to follow this¬†bicyclist. I’m pretty happy with this shot, but it took dozens of attempts before I could get anything decent. There were lots of cyclists out tonight… so lots of opportunity to practice photographing people in motion.


by mjpichette

I didn’t have far to walk today… these houses, which were built in 1840, are just next door. I am especially enamoured with spiral staircases. The Victorian houses in the last picture also have spiral fire escapes running up the sides.¬†I do like the houses, but I think I like the photo of the wall the best.


by mjpichette

After wandering around looking for colour and being only somewhat successful, I again surprised myself by going for the unexpected shot. I’ve always liked the way traffic lights look at night – especially in the rain. This isn’t quite night, and it isn’t raining, but I like the way the red plays against the bluish background.

Weekend Light Show

by mjpichette

Saturday morning started out cloudy and grey. I didn’t get the camera out until early afternoon. By then, the sun had started to make an appearance. There was a bit of light showing through the clouds in the late afternoon… but by the “golden hour” the clouds had completely covered up the sun.

Perhaps better luck on Sunday…

Well, the early part of the day was looking pretty grey…

Good things come to those who wait… Just before 5 pm I went out in search of the elusive golden hour… Several photographers joined me for the show!

The Doorway

by mjpichette

Dark alley

We’re lucky to have this lovely, dark alley just around the corner from our flat. My idea was to have my husband walk down the alley with a torch and snap some photos of the light produced… but when we got there, we found this spooky open door… it was perfect!

The Alchemy of Light

by mjpichette

Sunset is a magical time, when everything feels warmer and golden light shimmers on the sea. The benches are painted green but turn to gold at sunset.

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