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The Alchemy of Light

by mjpichette

Sunset is a magical time, when everything feels warmer and golden light shimmers on the sea. The benches are painted green but turn to gold at sunset.

Brighton Rocks

by mjpichette

I’m generally not fond of a shingle beach. I like to swim, and the stones make it hard to get into the water. I have sensitive feet. The beach here can be quite beautiful, however. The warm colours belie the true temperature. It is quite chilly today!

UPDATE: Since someone mentioned the sound of the stones, I thought I’d go out and record them. You can hear the sea as well. It’s a binaural recording so sounds better with headphones.




by mjpichette

I set out this morning looking to photograph something BIG. I found many things that I thought would make interesting photos… but in the end, this big shovel won my heart! I love the strong angles and the way the bright orange contrasts with the bright blue sky.

Spring Preview

by mjpichette

The sun was shining this weekend, leading to leisurely walks by the sea and visits to cute cafes. Seeing the crocuses blooming on the lawns made me feel like spring is on its way!

The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls

by mjpichette


I’ve always been drawn to water. Peaceful, it has the power to calm and sooth. Restless, and the reverse is true. Yesterday, the sea was tranquil. Today you can almost see the Kraken’s roiling limbs.

(This is another binaural recording, best listened to with headphones for the “3D” effect.)

Rows of Memorial Benches line the Brighton and Hove seaside: A peaceful place to sit and remember loved ones lost. Some of the benches are regularly decorated by the families.


Post title The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls inspired by the poem of the same name, by Longfellow.

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