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A taste of springtime in Chania

by mjpichette

After an unusually cold couple of months here on Crete, this weekend it feels like spring is in the air. It is carnival season and we found several groups in costume singing and dancing. Click on the player to hear a binaural field recording of one of the carnivals. Listen with headphones for a 3D experience.


Revellers dancing in front of Chania Market square


Dancing in front of Chania Cathedral


More from Vevey and Montreux

by mjpichette

Life on the edge…

More views of the lake… It was a bit sunnier today.

North Laine, Brighton

by mjpichette

Today my husband, Paul and I wandered along the North Laine in Brighton. This area offers such a real visual and audio feast… These shots feature Paul recording the sounds of the Laine while I trailed him from behind.

And this is the recording Paul made using binaural microphones. These are microphones placed in the ear, so if you listen via headphone it’s the audio equivalent of a “3D recording”…


(Paul’s note: “There’s a little electronic noise at the 1 minute mark which I think is my phone and recorder having a disagreement. Note to self – use different pockets next time…”)


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